Know a kid who wants to have a fun break at The Children's Discovery Museum? Here's what you need to know about our Spring and Summer Break Camps at the Museum:


Does my child get a snack while attending camp?

Yes. We provide a small snack each day for all CDU campers, ages 3-8. CDU Grad School campers, ages 9-13, should bring their own snack and lunch. Below is the snack schedule. Campers can bring their own snack if they prefer it to what we have for the daily snack.

Monday – Fruit Snacks

Tuesday – Cheez-Its

Wednesday – Animal Crackers

Thursday – Goldfish

Friday – Camp Themed


My child turns 3 in August (or April). Can they still attend camp?

In order to make the summer camp experience the best for everyone, campers need to be the required age before camp starts.


Do the 3 year-olds and 8 year-olds stay together?

Campers will be divided into two groups during camp. Ages 5-6 will be together with a teacher and a counselor. Ages 7-8 will be together with a separate teacher and counselor. This ensures that age-appropriate material can be taught to each group in fun and interesting ways!


I have one child in the 3-5 age group and another in the 6-8 age group but they work best when they are able to stay together. Is this possible?

Yes! In this situation, we recommend the older child attending the younger camp with their sibling.

What are the drop-off and pick-up procedures?

On the first day of camp, please park in the lot and bring your camper in to check-in. For each subsequent day, you may drop campers off at our Main Entrance, using the fire lane. Camp Counselors will be outside waiting to check-in.

When picking up your camper, please pull alongside the fire lane at the Main Entrance. Have your ID ready. Campers will not be allowed to leave with anyone whose ID does not match the name of an adult listed on their release forms in the authorized pick-up section. If you are not sure who you have listed, you are welcome to call and check with our receptionist (361-485-9140). If you are not driving to pick up your child, please check in with a camp counselor as you approach the Main Entrance. This helps maintain security during the pick-up process.

Will my child get time to play in the museum during their day?

Yes! Campers will spend about 20 minutes each day in the museum to play and explore the current exhibits.


Can my child play in the museum after their camp is finished?

Families are welcome to stay in the museum after their camp session is over, however, only one child admission is included in the camp price. Additional guests will need to pay at the front desk. 

Who needs to be included on the authorized pick-up list?

We take the security of your children very seriously. Anyone and everyone that will be picking up your camper should be listed in the authorized pick-up section of the camp registration form, including each parent. Adults must show ID at the time of pick-up. In the event that someone else is picking up your child that you had not originally planned, please call the museum to let us know.


How many teachers and counselors will be in the classroom?

One teacher and one counselor. If camps are larger, there will be a second counselor.


What do they do each day?

Each day there is a combination of craft, physical activities, STEM activities and approximately 20 minutes of play in the museum. If you have more specific questions, you are welcome to call the museum and schedule an appointment with our Camp Director, Doug. He would be more than happy to walk you and your child through a day at camp!


Is lunch provided at camp?

We are not able to provide lunch for campers in the CDU programs.


What do I send with my child to camp?

For the most part, all children need to bring to camp are themselves! Make sure children are dressed in clothes they can play in. If you would like, you can always pack water or a snack. It has also been helpful to pack an extra pair of pants for those campers that might have an accident during their day.


My child has medication that needs to be administered during their time in camp. How does this work?

As long as the camper can administer the medication themselves, our camp staff is happy to oversee. Our staff is not certified to administer medicine to children. In the case that an adult needs to administer the medication, we can arrange for the child to be available at a specific time for a parent or guardian to administer the medication. CDM cannot house medication overnight.