Summer Camps

May 28, 2020, 8:25 AM


Summer camps are back!

 Please see below for themes, schedules and policies.

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COVID 19 Preparations for Summer Camps - Click Here


Max of 30 kids per morning camp session. Campers will be separated by age groups (3-5 & 6-8).

Max of 5 kids per afternoon camp session.


Half-Day Sessions (Ages 3-8) - $150 for Non-Members

Grad School Sessions (Ages 9-13) - $150 for Non-Members


Morning Session (Ages 3-8) - 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Afternoon Session (Ages 9-13) - 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Morning Drop Off - Between 8:50 AM - 9:00 AM

Morning Pick Up - Between 12:00 PM - 12:15 PM

Afternoon Drop Off - Between 1:50 PM - 2:00 PM

Afternoon Pick Up - Between 4:00 PM - 4:15 PM


All camps, except Grad School Camps (afternoon), are open to campers currently 3 to 8 years old. Campers will be broken down into small groups based on grade and age range. Grad School camps are only open to campers 9 to 13 years old as campers will be building large-scale, hands-on projects during the week.

All camp registrations end the Wednesday before the start of camp. Late registrations will be accepted until the start of camp for an additional fee. Please register early!

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June 7-11

CDU: Lego Robotics Camp (Ages 3-8)

Morning - 9am-12pm

Grad School: Rocket Camp (Ages 9-13) * ALL FULL! *

Afternoon - 2pm-4pm

June 14-18

CDU: Weather Camp (Ages 3-8)

Morning - 9am-12pm

Grad School: Battle Bots Camp (Ages 9-13) * ALL FULL! *

Afternoon - 2pm-4pm

June 21–25

CDU: Intro to Art Camp (Ages 3-8) * Only a few spots remaining! *

Morning - 9am-12pm

Grad School: Boat Building Camp (Ages 9-13) * ALL FULL! *

Afternoon - 2pm-4pm

July 12-16

CDU: Dinosaur Camp (Ages 3-8) * ALL FULL 3-5 year olds! Only a few spots remaining for 6-8 year olds. *

Morning - 9am-12pm

Grad School: Boat Building Camp (Ages 9-13) * Only a few spots remaining! *

Afternoon - 2pm-4pm

July 19-23

CDU: Block Party Camp (Ages 3-8) 

Morning - 9am-12pm

Grad School: Rocket Camp (Ages 9-13) * ALL FULL! *

Afternoon - 2pm-4pm

July 26-30

CDU: Fairy Tale Camp (Ages 3-8) * ALL FULL 3-5 year olds! Only a few spots remaining for 6-8 year olds. *

Morning - 9am-12pm

Grad School: Battle Bots Camp (Ages 9-13)  * ALL FULL! *

Afternoon - 2pm-4pm

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Ages 3-8

  1. Lego Robotics Camp – The future is right around the corner with this camp. We will be using cutting edge technology as we study the language, characteristics and the abilities of our robotic creations! This camp is perfect for budding Lego creators, as well as experienced builders. With head-to-head competitions and real-life challenges, each camper will refine and test their robotics skills!
  2. Weather Camp – When the thunder roars, head indoors! We have got you covered at CDU for all types of weather. Let your little meteorologist put their knowledge to use as they learn about Texas-sized storms and weather patterns in preparation to record their very own “live” weather forecast at the CDM weather studio!
  3. Intro to Art Camp - Do you have a little Picasso at home? This is the camp for them! We will tackle exciting new art basics including experimental painting, basic sculpting and even some food art! Your budding artist will not want to miss this art-tastic adventure - get your refrigerator doors clear because they are going to fill up fast!
  4. Dinosaur Camp – This camp takes advantage of the newest addition to the museum – Dinosaurs! We will explore the world of dinos, including fossils, excavations, tracks, life cycles and more!
  5. Block Party! – Blocks, block and more blocks! This camp will focus on building and problem-solving as we work with everything from our giant blue Imagination Playground blocks to LEGOs! If your child might be a future designer, engineer or architect and they enjoy the “thrill of the build,” then this is the camp for them!
  6. Fairy Tale Camp - There’s no better time to be a princess than at camp! We take the primping and prepping to another level – with practice balls, princess sidekick day and something we like to call the Princess Academy – a special place full of make-believe, STEM projects and daring escapes! And don't forget the brave knights! Those who are willing to risk it all can join the order of the knights for some science-based action!

Ages 9-13 
  1. Rocket Camp – Break free from the Earth’s gravitational pull by building your very own model rocket and launching it into the troposphere! Each camper will pick out an Estes Rocket to build during the week and on Friday, we will launch! These rockets use high-performance engines to fly to over 1000 feet! But fear not, they have parachutes for a safe recovery, so that each camper will get to take his or her handmade rocket home with them! **Note: Campers who have already attended Rocket Camp previously are welcome to return and choose a new, more challenging rocket to build this year!
  2. Battle Bots Camp - The battle is on to be the best robot builder in town! Skills learned will include building and assembling, driving and controlling and electronics-based soldering. Campers will build their very own battle bot in this one-of-a-kind camp that puts your future engineer in the driver’s seat! They will design, tinker and perfect their robot and then enter the arena on Friday for a competition battle like no other! Robot Kits will be available to take home at the end of camp.
  3. Boat Camp – Calling all Engineers! Gear up for a week of building. This camp dives into the deep end where kids will learn a host of new skills, from the basics of nuts and bolts to simple power tools like drills and miter saws while they build their very own life-size boat and discover some of the physics principles behind buoyancy! The week ends at the pool as we put their skills to the test and launch each boat!