Just when you were wondering where you were gonna get the extra "bandwidth" to deal with the start of school this fall, CDM has got you covered!


Join a

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Starting August 10th!

(Registration will open the week of Aug 3)


We have wrapped up our amazing summer camp program and have been hard at work planning the next best thing: Learning Pods!

We know that these are unprecedented times and we want to partner with local families to help make learning easier. Let us lend a hand in your virtual learning experience with our proven safety record, a hands-on approach to curriculum and a staff that truly cares for each child that walks through our doors.


Available Options

We have tried our best to include something that works for everyone!


Older Children (5-10)

Half Day Pod: 8:30am to 12:00pm Monday-Friday*

($150 per week)

Full Day Pod: 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday-Friday*

($250 per week)

Younger Children (3&4)

Little Pod: Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 to 11:00am

($25 per day or $40 per week)

Little Pod students will be working as a small group with retired Kindergarten teachers to enhance their Kindergarten-readiness through the use of manipulatives, math skills and safe social interactions. See Little Pod sample schedule on the registration page.

*This is a "drop off" program. Children will be supervised the entire time and parents may leave the premises. All children must be potty trained to attend this program.

Sample Schedule:

(Subject to Change)

Learning Pods Sample Schedule.png

*Early Drop-Off (8am) and Late Pick-Up (5pm) available for a small additional charge.

Learning Lab

Learning Lab: This is a time when children can get help from trained educators with their virtual school work. Each child should bring their school device with them and expect to complete most of their daily work during this time. The museum has chromebooks/tablets available for children who do not have their own device. During the week of August 10, staff will be setting up devices and familiarizing themselves with each child's work needs, please bring any information needed during this week.



Snack: All students will be given a small snack (during the learning lab session for older pods and at 10am for little pod). Please indicate any allergies during registration and first day drop-off.

Lunch: Full day students will need to bring their own lunch with them. Students will be with their teachers during lunch.


At CDM, we take your children's safety very seriously and have been strictly following local and national guidelines during this time. We will continue to implement the following to help mitigate any spread of Covid19:

Group Size: We believe this is one of the best ways to limit risks and are limiting our groups to no more than ten at a time. 

Drop Off: We ask that families refrain from coming into the museum during drop off and pick up. We have a car line that moves pretty quickly and our staff will walk out and greet you at your car. 

Screening: Before dropping off, each child will be screened for fever using a regular forehead thermometer. This is a quick and easy check done in your car. Families will be asked to do a quick pre-screening at home before heading to the museum and turn in a short questionnaire each day.

Hand-washing: Children will wash hands with soap and water upon enter the building, when moving from one area to another, before and after snack, during bathroom breaks and before exiting the building. When hand washing is not feasible, hand sanitizer will be used.

Masks: Children aged 10 years and under are not required to wear masks while at the museum. However, all families are encouraged to consider having their younger children wear masks if it makes sense for your child. All CDM staff are required to wear masks when interacting with the guests.

Social Distancing: We do our best to maintain as much distance between children as possible, including during exhibit play, line up time, circle time and snack time. 

Cleaning: Many of our loose items have been removed in an effort to help decrease the risk of viral transmission between people. We have begun rigorously cleaning the museum throughout the day as well as a deep cleaning in the middle of the day.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact our Director of Programming. We are working hard to continue serving this wonderful community and are very thankful for your support during this time.


During this time, we have modified our cancellation policy to include the issue of electronic gift cards as an alternative to full refunds. This helps the museum avoid many costly surcharges from payment handling companies. If you are able to receive an e-gift card (good for all online purchases at the museum, with no expiration date) rather than a regular refund, we would prefer to go that route first and we appreciate your help in this matter. If any pod does not fill with enough students, the museum reserves the right to cancel or change that pod. Registered families may be asked to switch to other pods to help move this program forward. Please see our registration page for full cancellation details. We are all in this together!