Capital Campaign

In 2014, the Board of Directors announced to the public a new campaign focused on the growth and expansion of the Children’s Discovery Museum. With the goal of $2.8 million, the stage has been set for the museum to take full advantage of its physical and natural resources, to expand its capacity to serve children, and to form meaningful community partnerships. To see plans of the space, click here!

To date, our forward thinking friends have donated $1,835,883.53

Percentage of Campaign Goal Achieved: 63%


We would love to visit with you or your business about naming opportunities or in-kind gifts that are needed. Please feel free to give us a call or email to set up an appointment.

Would you like to support our FUNdraising campaign? 


In-kind gifts that are needed:

Cash Register/POS System     Classroom Chairs
Communication System     Dry erase markers for STEM lab
Dry erasers for STEM lab     Gift shop shelving
Ice maker     Imagination Playground
Interior and Exterior Paint     Reception desk stool
Rigamajig     Storage shelving



Discover $1,000,000 or above

Dream $500,000-$999,999

Clayton and Myra Johnson

Create $250,000-$499,999

Donald and Betty Jo Elder

Imagine $100,000-$249,999

Anonymous, Ethel Lee Tracy Foundation, Marsha Shanklin Foundation, Robby and Tami Burdge in honor of Casey and Conner, HEB, Johnson Foundation, Sarah Strnadel in memory of Charles "CJ" Strnadel IV

Explore $50,000-$99,999

Elton and Ann Calhoun, Detar Healthcare Systems, Citizens Medical Center

Adventure $25,000-$49,999

Elder Family Foundation: Todd, Jason, and Clayton Elder in honor of Betty Jo Elder, Leonard and Penni Gietz, Melvin and Janey Lack, Wood Family Foundation, Janet Dusek Hutson

Inspire $10,000-$24,999

Albert and Mary Dick Trust, Albert and Myrtle Gunn York Trust, American Bank, Anonymous, Bill and Dr. Marie Plemons,Thurman and Theresa Clements-In Kind, Crossroads Foundation, Court of Six Flags, The O'Connor & Hewitt Foundation, Plains Capital Bank, Union Pacific, Chick fil A Victoria-In Kind, Victoria Electric Coop/CoBank, Regional Pathology Associates, Roger and Donna Welder, Wood Family Foundation, Heritage Mark

In honor of LeOlive Rogge: Marcia Barker, Shirley Buckert, Robert and Marilyn Chambless, Bill and Connie Cone, Ruth Constant, Dr. M. Wendy Crater, Nina and Jeffrey Di Leo, Malcolm L. Duke, Don and Amy Eastham, Dan and Camille Easton, Roy and Ileen Foley, Marie Frankson, Jacquie Fritz, Sr., Reese Gallimore, Burdine and Lester Geise, Dr. Leonard and Penni Gietz, Glenn and Joyce Goerke, Jimmy and Michelle Goodson, Mrs. Milton S. Greeson,Sr., Tommy and Sammie Sue Hendrix, Delta and Herbert Holl, Steve Hipes, Libby Horine, Dr., Michael and Cora Jo Hummel, Richard E. Huff, Helen Hultquist, Kathy Hunt, Claude and Mary Virginia Jacobs, Donald and Betty Jo Elder, Dr. Al and Betsy Kopecky, Bernice Krueger, Sara Puig Laas, Melvin and Janey Lack, BE Leissner, Paula Leske, Betty L. Martin, Kay and Jim McHaney, Bonnie Swain McKay, Becky McKenzie, David and Carol McLarry, Jamie and Bob McMahon, Suzie McReynolds, Geneva S. Meis, Jim and Shelby Miller, Marie Mooney, Connie Murray, Teri Murray, Barbara Nilsson, Kim Obsta, Jerry and Carole Oliphant, Robert Oliver, Karen and Cecil Parker, Regina Payton, Terry and BJ, Peterson, Bill and Marie Plemons, Alma Pruessner, David and Paula Robinson, Maxine Ross, Delores Stokes, Family of Ted Seel, Will and Ann Wagner, Kay and Ron Walker, Fred Williams, Tina and Jack Wu, Barbara and Lawrence Yanta

Experience $5,000-$9,999

AEP Texas, Barbara Welder, Brannan Paving Co., LTD. in honor of Waylan Brannan, Bill and Nancy Blackwell, Patricia P. Muir, Bill and Mickey Ruddock, Trust Texas BankVictoria Advocate, Don and Allison Whitaker, TISD

Play $1,000-$4,999

Mike and Cindy Burris, Cole, Easley, Sciba & Williams P.C., Dr. Harold and Dr. Wendy Crater, Drew and Melissa Dixon, DuPont, Patrick and Karyn Elder, Clayton and Jodie Elder, Ilene B. Gohmert, Pardis Mohebtash and Dr. Gariborz Gorouhi, DOW, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Heilker, Dr. Michael and Cora Jo Hummel,Claud and Mary Virginia Jacobs, Kathryn O'Connor Foundation, Keating Family Foundation, Knights of Columbus, Dr. Doug and Jennifer Matey, Jeffrey B. and Katie Meischen, Kyle and Jacklyn Meismer, Jon and Susan New, Louise O'Connor, Dennis and Louise Patillo, Prosperity Bank, Sylvia and Chuck Rader, Margery and Robert Loeb, Monroe & Mary Margaret Rieger, Mary Jo Smith, South Texas Electric Cooperative,Trull Foundation, Urban Surveying -In kind,Kay and Ron Walker, Phil and Geri Schroeder, Delores Steen, VCS- in kind, UHV

Purchase of a Square Foot

Dr. Amy Arbogast and Mr. Lee Cantu, Baltic Enterprises, Brannan Paving Co, LTD, Lori Burris, Jim and Debbe Busby, Donna Cole, Gary and Alice Childress, City Mortgage Group, Jeffrey and Nina DiLeo, Drew and Melissa Dixon, Luther and Teresa Easley, Keith and Julie Fulgham, Penni and Dr. Leonard Gietz, Jimmy and Michelle Goodson, Dr. Fariborz Gorouhi, Atrissa Gorouhi, Guadalupe Victoria Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, Holladay Heavy Hauling, Mark and Mary Heard, Tommie and Sammie Sue Hendrix, Michael and Cora Jo Hummel, Susan and Ronnie Hyak, Gene and Mary Jeansonne, Kevin and Suzanne Jordan, Heather and Russel Kallus, Cindy and Russell Marshall, Pardis Mohebtash, Aaron and Leslie New, Bob and Susan Oakley, Jennifer Palmer, Anthony Pedone, William and Marie Plemons, Monroe and Mary Margaret Rieger, Steve and Gewell Seekamp, Geri Schroeder, Michael Sizemore, Dr. and Mrs. John Starkey, Reynolds and Kathy Tharp, Jarred Vikers, Jarred and Kelly Vickers, Kenneth and Betty Vickers,John and Kim Weitz, Mary Ann Williams, Tanya and Eddie Wilkinson, Dr. Andrew Young

 $999 & below

Anonymous, Will and Linda Armstrong, Susan and Clay Cain, Alice Atzenhoffer, Mr. and Mrs. David Ballard, Barnes Appraisal Service, Michele Bond, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Brown, Jr., Bette Jo Buhler, Lori and Byron Burris, Dr. Bain and Jackie Cate, Mary and David Caulkins, Lisa Christinsen, Harold and Wendy Crater, Christa N. Donoghue, Sara Dotter,Drs. Ileen and Roy Foley, Marvin and Norma Franz, Fred and Rhea Fry, Mrs. Milton S. Greeson, Sr.H. Hugh Hanes, John and Sherri Hathaway, The Hatley Family, Tommy and Sammie Sue Hendrix, Dr. and Mrs. Walter Herbst, Russell and Billie Hessler, Morse and Mary Hicks, Steve Hipes, Paul and Kathleen Holm, Gabe and Brandi Huber, JHC Insurance, Bill and Katherine Jones, Fred and Don Beth Junkin, Vicki Kliem, Gus and Cheryl Kroos, Kelly and Casey Kucera, LeOlive Rogge, Drs. Noble and Martha Malik, Sayra Elkins, Martinka, Charles and Kenda Matson, James and Julie McCan, James and Yvonne Meischen, Pardis Mohbetash and Fariborz Gorouhi, Morning Study Club, Randall and Sandra Muegge, Teri Murray, Mike and Laurie Neuerburg, Minnette New, Pay it Forward-Atzenhoffer and Newscenter 25, Christopher and Wendy Perez, Maria Perez, David and Paula Robinson, Arthur and Enida Rubio, Bill and Mickie Ruddock, Marcia & Alan Russell, Kristi Martinez Sager, Mike and Michelle Samford, Sandalphon Study Club, Bryce and Jan Scott, Kathy Spears, James N. Stofer, Dolores Stokes, Evelyn Tittizer, Todd and Leilani Valdes, Kenneth and Betty Vickers, Victoria Vein and Surgery Clinic, Nicole and David Way, Eddie and Tanya Wilkinson, Mark E. Zafereo, Melita Zafereo