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All of our Field Trips are TEK-Aligned and ready to support your educational goals. We understand that children learn through doing and the staff at CDM work hard to be a great resource for your classroom. Give us a try and experience what crossroads educators and local parents have known for years! 


"Whoa, we're allowed to touch EVERYTHING? I thought you said this was a museum?"  

- Student Response during an Exploration Field Trip


"This is like a 3 hour recess! I'm learning so much but I'm outside too!"

- Student Response during the Seussical STEAM Fest Field Trip


"We loved it!!! Teachers, Parents and Students!!" 

- Exploration Field Trip


 "Kathleen was excellent with the kids. She kept their attention for the entire lab. The students greatly enjoyed 'Bubble-ology'."

- Discover + Play Field Trip