Nature Discovery Day

January 14, 2020, 9:41 AM



Welcome to the Great Outdoors!


We have an extraordinary event planned for your Classes at the Grover's Bend area in Riverside Park!


Please select the group below.

Note: There are two sessions planned. Session 2 Registration will only be open if all Session 1 spots are filled. Your class/grade may sign up for more than one group and divide accordingly. If numbers are close enough, we can expand the groups slightly to accommodate your classes, please call the museum for assistance.


Nature Discovery Day

Session 1

(All Groups Check-In by 9:00am, Program Ends 11:15am, Lunch at 11:45am)

Group 1: Start @ Water Science - 30 Spots Left Click Here

Group 2: Start @ Nature Walk - 30 Spots Left Click Here 

Group 3: Start @ Sports & Fitness - 30 Spots Left Click Here 

Group 4: Start @ Scavenger Hunt - 30 Spots Left Click Here

Session 2

(All Groups Check-In by 10:45am, Lunch at 11:00am, Program Ends 1:45pm)

Group 5: Start @ Water Science  - Registration Not Yet Open

Group 6: Start @ Nature Walk -  Registration Not Yet Open

Group 7: Start @ Sports & Fitness -  Registration Not Yet Open

Group 8: Start @ Scavenger Hunt -  Registration Not Yet Open



Final Schedule